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I traveled the world in 2016 with Semester At Sea, a floating university that took 600 students (and me) around the world to experience different cultures.

We had tons of activities and events on board–just like a real university–including quite a few performances, talent shows, etc.

I participated in almost every one, even though:

a) I was not a student

b) I am not (naturally) very talented

c) I’m way older than most of these students


But I did so for one primary reason.

To show the students–as well as the adults–that when you get to a certain age you don’t automatically have to become an audience member who watches other people do their thing.

You can create, as well!


In a default world in which most people get married, have kids and then invest their energy in the creative lives of their children, I wanted to be a disruption in that kind of thinking.

The best role model we can be for our children is to keep evolving!

To keep learning, loving and growing!

To never give in and say, “Well, I had my shot–not it’s their turn.”





It doesn’t have to look like something grandiose, either.

Yesterday, I went to an open mic and was going to do a little spoken word. For the first time in a long time I wrote a new piece to perform.

But two of the performers did open mic (which I’ve done before), and it looked way more fun than what I had planned–so I switched my plan, jotted down some ideas and got up there and did standup.

And it was awesome.


One of the things we forget is how creating makes us

feel alive again.


So do something–anything.

Anything that lights you up.


Go do a wine & painting evening.

Pick up that guitar again.

































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