Published by admin on February 22, 2018

Thanks for being my guinea pigs

I forgot what a blog was about.

It’s about sharing stuff. “Writing it out,” so we can be more whole.


So I can be more whole.


This is totally a space (safe space?) where I can test out new ideas. Hopefully, you all will tell me what you think and add to the conversation as you see fit.

So, thank you!! Thanks for giving me the creative space to test out my crazy new ideas–even the ones–especially the ones–that can be construed as **pig-headed, sexist, misogynistic or otherwise neanderthalish.

**Note: I am not trying to write for everyone. I’m mostly writing about the cis-identifying, heterosexual community. Yes, I realize that this is excluding (potentially) a substantial audience. No, I don’t firmly believe in gender roles. No, I don’t firmly believe in the binary gender construct. Yes, I still use it to try to better understand relationships (specifically) between cis-identifying, heterosexual men and women. If you want to be offended, it’s your choice. I honor and respect all kinds of views when it comes to gender/sexuality, even those that are not explicitly stated in my writing.



Ok, some ideas that I’m working on:

1) Why a mediocre relationship is worse than a bad one

2) Sartre’s concept of “bad faith” as it applies to relationships: how marriage and LTR’s are the default in our culture–and why it should be the opposite

3) Why women don’t know how to date (idea stolen from relationship “expert” Alison Armstrong)

4) Trusting life’s timing: why holding onto what is because we’re scared that if we let go we’ll lose what we have is a faulty idea: Let’s Make a Deal & “What’s behind Door #2?”


To be cont’d…





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