Published by admin on June 24, 2016

The Lost Art of Faith


I’ll admit it. I have little idea of where I’m going.

I just listen, take a step, listen, take a step… and have faith that if I continue to do that, over and over again, that I’ll always be on the right path.

My path.

To what am I listening?

I’m going within.

I’m constantly asking for guidance from Spirit, my ancestors, my angels, my spirit guides–whomever might be listening!

(I’m not that picky.)

I’m listening for the subtle clues of my soul to guide me.

My path is one of faith.

I have a sense of my purpose, but it’s kinda fuzzy. I woke up today and beckoned Spirit, Please guide me towards my highest self.

I had to immediately laugh and make an addendum: I realize that you’re always leading me towards my highest self, so what I mean is… please help me to be aware of your guiding me.

It is my firm belief that we’re all being led by something higher; however, because most of us aren’t listening, we don’t get the memo.

The hard part is that we don’t always get confirmation that we’re headed in the right direction–and that can be rather disconcerting, causing us to question whether our faith is actually well placed or not.

What exactly can and do I know? I don’t even know!

But to me that’s the epitome of faith–

the not knowing–but still acting as if it’s true.

So, I keep repeating the process: listen, take a step, listen take a step, listen…

I don’t know if we get to have that kind of ultimate clarity. It reminds me of the Matrix where Morpheus has such unbelievably strong faith that Neo is the One that he basically has everyone around him starting to believe, as well.

It’s interesting because Neo may never have become Neo if it weren’t for Morpheus‘ faith in him. He may not even have been completely right about Neo, but because his heart was in the right place–i.e., because he was dialed in–things worked out alright.

When you’re dialed in–to your Soul, God, Spirit, whatever–it may seem like you’re sometimes lost, but it just may be that your path doesn’t look like anyone else’s path. And that’s OK! You are younique for a reason!

Faith: the belief that if you just listen and do your part, the other parts will naturally take care of themselves.


Listen, take a step, listen, take a step, listen…

Photograph from the salt flats of Belize






















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