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  My brother feels—then fills—their cheeks. Their foreheads. Their lips. Their earlobes. Almost everything is available for filling.   He does not fill boobs; that’s a differently trained filler.   But it seems as if there’s a filling for almost everything these days— especially time.   Time, it seems, must be filled. Otherwise, you go…

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Published by admin on December 29, 2018

Online Dating, Karma & Poker

  Many of you probably don’t know that I’ve been getting into poker lately. It’s such a fun, complex sport (sport in that it works out your mind). Anyway, I’ve been watching youtube videos, absorbing information and strategy, and played a couple of tournaments at the Hard Rock Seminole Casino down here, with some pretty decent…

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Published by admin on October 27, 2018

Infidelity & The Call of our Soul

  I’m reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a remarkable novel by a literary genius, Milan Kundera. In one of the scenes, Tereza, the wife of the protagonist (who himself is a total philanderer), has sex with a stranger from a bar to see what it’s like to have sex without love. As she walked to…

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Published by admin on September 19, 2018

Serena Was Wrong

  I’m a huge tennis fan, as some of you already know. Tbh, I mostly follow men’s tennis, but I also keep up with the women’s game. I didn’t watch Serena’s match live, but I did catch most of it after the controversy. Most of the people writing about the incident do NOT understand tennis,…

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      Typed on a Smith Corona Coronet Super 12  

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