Published by admin on December 5, 2017

Why Writer’s Block is Bullshit


Write about your struggles.

Because if you can’t write,

you’re struggling.


And it’s probably not something pretty, either.

You’re not writing about IT

because you don’t want to face IT.

And, yet…

that is the key to the door that you’ve been hanging around, pacing, for what seems like forever-and-a-half.

It doesn’t mean you have to share IT–

with anyone.

But face yourself in your writing;

all of you–

the wise and clever parts,

the lame, loser-esque parts

(or those you label as such).

Be pathetic in your writing.

Be a sobbing mop-head of puss.

Give yourself freedom.


I don’t write because I don’t feel like I have anything of value to write.

But there is a seed there,

a magnificent seed.

I don’t have anything of value to write because…

I don’t see my own value, perhaps?

What can I learn from my stuckness?

Go near, not far.


My brother shared this video story with me today–

about a woman who needed to write something,

and she wrote about Malta, the home of of her grandfather.

It ended up that she became famous for it–in Malta, that is–and ended up going there and meeting the Prime Minister!


We never know where things will lead.

A lot of garbage will come out.



Embrace the garbage.

And you’ll find,

wandering about,

wading and sifting and flopp’n about

in that heap of rubbage,

little treasures.

Like a raw piece of amber that washed ashore, and landed magically at your feet, while you’re wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life.

(That actually happened to me. I was hoping it might have a fossilized mosquito with dino-blood, but alas… I lost it. But THAT’s a great idea for a new blog post…)

See? It’s working already.


Write your way to those little treasures.

And let them take you on an adventure.


(ps. this isn’t just for writers, ya dig?)

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