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Eighteen–and counting. That’s how many countries I’ve visited so far. But is it true?

Sure, I’ve traveled through that many countries, but have my feet touched the ground there?


To really experience a country, my feet have to touch the Earth there in some form or fashion.

Which got me thinking:

My shoes are the real travelers.

Senegal was pretty dirty. So was Morocco, but Senegal was dirtier. I’m talking about the city of Dakar. Ok, some of the shoreline was pretty dirty (i.e., polluted), too.

But then again… New York City ain’t no picnic, either.

So, I was going to clean the bottom of my shoes after Senegal. My thinking went like this: Those were some dirty-ass roads that I’ve been walking on; who knows what’s on the bottom of my shoes. Do I really want to drag all that shit with me?

But that was immediately followed by another thought: I probably have whole colonies of stowaways on the bottom of my shoes!

Not only am I becoming a global citizen on this adventure, but I’m also transporting an entire host of micro-organisms with me–who, in all probability, are having their own series of adventures.

It’s like an entire micro-drama is happening on the bottom of my shoes at every new port. Oh, to be a bacterium on that sole…

Now, THAT would make an interesting blog!

So, what’s on the bottom of your shoe?

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