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Making Magic at the Bank (of course this story involves a woman)


Don’t worry… I didn’t rob it.

But I did break an old pattern today.

Usually, when I cross paths with a beautiful woman, who happens to be a complete stranger, I don’t know what to say.

On a good day, I’ll smile and say, “hey,” and then quickly go back to staring at my phone. And the story ends there.

On a more typical day, I try to think of things to say: smart things; cool things; clever things. But they all sound so stupid, so I say nothing, and the story also ends there.

Today was different.

I was opening a new account at a bank (Evil Corp) just before lunchtime. The bank lady directs me to an area near the middle of the bank. Seeing complimentary coffee, I make a detour and grab a cup before finding my seat.

Seconds later, I’m checking all the fb damage from the previous day on my phone when I see a beautiful woman walking toward me.

I wait until she gets to her chair, look up from my phone, strategically, at just the right moment, smile and then go back to looking at my phone.

I feel like we have a connection, but what could I say that wouldn’t sound like I just want to fondle her?

Nothing. Which is precisely what I say to her.

A few moments later, a bank rep calls me over to her desk to get the process started. Oh, well.


While my bank rep asks me the normal, drab banking information, I can’t help but notice that the woman I smiled at was now in the cubicle next to mine.

Since we’re in ear-shot, I hear her say that she has recently moved from LA. Just like me. Wow! Can we say… synchronicity?

So while my rep is doing her thing, I get up to “get a refill”–i.e., do field research. I walk past her cubicle and scan the situation.

I pass by the side of her chair on the way back, and she glances back at me. I’m no relationship expert, but I think that’s one of those signs that women sometimes give when they’re open to being approached.

(Or, perhaps she is just keeping tabs on a would-be stalker…)


I’m finishing up with my bank rep, and it’s time to leave the bank. I stall for a few moments by the coffee, wondering if there’s anything I can do to salvage the situation before I leave this opportunity behind–forever.

I get an idea. I walk over to the little station with the deposit slips, grab one and start writing down my contact info. I put my name (first and last) in the name section. I write $1,000,000 for the amount of deposit. And on the bottom I write, “text me, Alex.”

Summoning no small amount of courage, I walk over to her cubicle and stand there, waiting to get the attention of the bank rep, who stops talking. The woman turns toward me, and I say, “Hey. I overheard that you moved here from LA.” She smiles, and after a short exchange of pleasantries, I say, “It’s nice meeting you. My name’s Alex.”

“I’m Penelope.”

“Let me give you my contact info.” I hand her the folded deposit slip and walk out the bank–

like a BOSS.

This was quickly becoming no ordinary day.


A few minutes later, I’m at my brother’s office. I’m elated, telling him my bank story, when I get a text:

“Hi Alex, it’s Penelope from the bank.”

Holy shit–it worked! She responded.


Since I only have two speeds–doing nothing or full speed ahead–I ask if she’s available to grab some lunch. She’s kind of on a time crunch, she tells me, so I mention that we could also do it another time.

To which she responds:

Let’s meet in the shopping center of the bank. If we leave it for another day it’ll never happen. Today is rare.


Today is rare.

Do you hear the music in it?

Hearing those words, I know I’ve met someone with whom I can roll.

We meet up, find a corner cafe and spend the next two hours getting to know each other.

We find out we have a lot in common: we’ve both done a ton of self-development courses (including Landmark Education); we’ve both got a spiritual side; and we both love deep conversations.

We talk about relationships (she’s just getting out of a marriage), LA vs. Florida, spirituality. Our small world keeps getting smaller.

Since separating from her husband, she tells me that she feels free in a way that she hasn’t felt in a long time–and it’s amazing. She is questioning everything (when it comes to relationships), including the idea of why she’d ever want to put herself in that kind of situation–marriage–again.

It was a toxic marriage, she tells me.

“Maybe we go through these experiences because we’re healing generations of damage in our family lineage.”

I hadn’t really ever considered that as an opportunity of relationships before. It makes total sense to me.

In a city where I sometimes feel like no one wants to have a deep conversation, I randomly meet someone who loves deep conversations!

I ask about her dating situation, and she quickly brings me back to the part of our conversation about enjoying her freedom.

It’s getting late, and she still has some work to get done, so we get up to leave. I’ve had a nagging question this whole time, so when we’re in the parking lot beginning our goodbyes, I finally ask:

“So what was it that had you respond to my note?”

“You wrote down your last name–so I googled you,” she said. “After reading a little bit of your blog, I was pretty sure we’d have a connection.”

She was right about that.

What’s interesting to me is if the power hadn’t gone out in her office this morning, she wouldn’t even have been in the bank today. And if I wouldn’t have been bold, broken my old programming and taken a risk, I would have missed out on an amazing new connection.

Two people took a chance and lived outside of their comfort zone today.

And magic happened.




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