Published by admin on May 5, 2017

Mandom Rusings

I like public libraries.

I remember going as a child to the one in Daytona Beach with my mom and brother. It’s easy to forget the feeling of peace.

I’m in one right now in Los Feliz.

It’s a “safe harbor” for introverts.


I went to a comedy show last night. It was $7. The humor was so much about gossip and just very superficial stuff. It made me wonder: is this what people care about?

It was entertaining in that I got to see another world that I normally don’t get to see. I don’t care which “Star” did what to whom.

But I do like me a good movie.


Talking about movies, has anyone seen, “The Lobster?”

Not rhetorical–you can say yay or nay.

It’s so hard to find a good movie. Like, a really good movie.

That’s why I watch my favorites sometimes 5 or more times.

Crimson Tide. The Dark Crystal. Inglourious Basterds.

I wish I had the fortitude to read some of my favorite books over and over.

So much to glean.


I parked at the library, set my stuff down and then took off to get a cup of coffee.

I trusted that my shit would remain where I left it.

I walked a couple of blocks to a very bougie shop. It was like $4.5 and up for coffee. I was like, “got any drip?” He said before 11.

It was 11:20.

But there was one cup left.

He gave me the last cup discount.


I talked to him a bit. Nick. He had moved from NorCal. Today was what you call “May Gray” in SoCal. Gloomy. I like it.


I see a rabbi–or religious guy–on my  walk back to the library. He was rushing somewhere.


It’s now 11:39. I’ve had breakfast with Ya (home-made omelette with 3 dates on the side–the really good kind. Medjula?). We watched some of last week’s Sexuality Show as we ate our omelettes. Riley Reyes was on. Porn Star. I told her after the show that she was a healer, and then gave her a book by Osho that I’ve held for years but never read: “From Sex to Superconscious.”

She liked that I saw her as a healer of men. I wrote my website in the cover along with a personal note.

(No, it’s none of your business what else was in there.)


I bought two books last night at a used bookstore while waiting for the show to begin.

Letters from a Traveller, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

The Reality of Being, The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff.

Here’s the first line of the Gurdjieff book:

Man remains a mystery to himself.


Omelettes, dates, porn…

now library and coffee,

reading and writing.


I’m not sure how this day could get better.








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