Published by admin on March 27, 2017

Live Perilously

Live perilously–

close to the edge.

That doesn’t mean irresponsibly,

though it may appear that way to others.


In the words of Johnny Cash,

walk the line–

between sane and insane

moderate and immoderate

safety and danger.


For a ship is safe at harbor,

but that’s not what it was designed for.

You’ve never truly lived

unless you’ve lost sight of the shore,

even if just for a season.


Embrace confusion; embrace disarray.

Make room for questions,

for questions take you on quests.

And what is life but one giant quest,

one big question–

sometimes tempting us;

other times, torturing us.


But always beckoning us,

away from our comfort zones,

to risk it on the unknown,

the unmanifest.


For how can we create the impossible if we’re always playing it safe,

always with one eye on the shore?



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