Published by admin on September 26, 2016

How I got Blacklisted from Airbnb


It hasn’t happened–yet–but if I were a betting man, and I am, I would surmise that it’s only a matter of time.

Within two minutes of having this beautiful airbnb home in Tuscany, Italy to myself, it seems as if I might have destroyed a very heavy wooden-paneled blind system as I was trying to bring some sunlight in the place.


The owner is at work (as I write), and she had left a friend at her house to greet me upon my arrival. We’ll leave out the fact that I had walked all around town to find the home; that an Italian guy who runs an outdoor furniture business tried to explain the location and then said, it’s quicker if I just take you there–and did, but to the wrong location.

Once I finally found her place, her friend took me on a tour and showed me how to use said blind contraption. She told me that the host likes them closed when nobody is at home.

As she was going out to meet a friend, I took the opportunity to go grocery shopping. When I returned, the house was dark because her friend had closed the blinds.

So, I decided to open them.

Opening the first one in the living room went fine. I did have the slight feeling that it was more sensitive than I had thought. Going to the kitchen, I don’t think I was thinking.

I pulled on the chord, and it lifted some; I pulled some more, and the wooden panel lifted even more, exposing a beautiful Italian sunset.

It was almost there, so I pulled one more time, not realizing that it was already there. The rope tore, causing the entire wooden panel wall to come crashing down, hitting the floor with a mighty




Why, Universe, why?

What am I supposed to learn now?

I know that I’m responsible (even though the rope looks kinda raggedy), and I emailed the host so that it wouldn’t be a total shock when she gets home.

Now that I think about it… that guy who gave me the ride…

his name is Alexander–and he runs an outdoor furniture store. He told me he spent a little time in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back in the day (where I just left living). Maybe he can help me.

I am going to just decide that this story ends well.

Not just well–

exceedingly well.


Like maybe I’ll meet an Italian sweetie working my way out of this scenario. And we’ll get married and celebrate a fantabulous honeymoon at an amazing airbnb.

On her account.








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