Published by admin on May 13, 2016

My Dating Faux Pas


You’re out on a date–err, I am–and you know she’s younger, but… hey, it’s South Florida, so who cares, right?

Age difference, shmage difference.

Actually, it starts before the date. I grayed early in life, most notably my eyebrows and stache.

I typically keep a goatee of sorts; my version is a light stache with a lil soul patch and some growth under my chin.

I just showered for my date and had a decision to make: do I shave that pure silver under my chin, in an effort to conceal my age, or do I leave it?

I chose to leave it because… well, because I don’t like hiding.

I knew the risks going in.

Now, back to the date.

At one point, she tells me her family lives in Kendall. I remember there being that huge hurricane, Andrew, that struck Kendall because I was in college at the time and some friends had grown up there.

I nonchalantly asked her if her family was struck hard by the hurricane.

To which she replies: Andrew? Yeah, I don’t think I was born yet.


I hear some of you snickering. Serves you right for dating someone that much younger.

The truth is that we met at a party, and she is super-freaking-cool. We had a great connection, and I find her ridiculously attractive.

Not that I need to defend myself, but there you go.

Perhaps bringing up Hurricane Andrew and not shaving the grays ruined my chances with her. But in the end of the day, I’m satisfied with my decision.

If we have to hide who we are, in whatever form or fashion, to snag the person we want, then what have we really accomplished?

Our lie will eventually be exposed.

I chose a different route.

The truth.

At the end of the date, I made a new friend.

I told her some stuff about my personal situation that wasn’t so flattering. She was helpful in giving me some new insights. If I had been trying to prop myself up, we may never have created the vulnerability to have that kinda real talk.

And that’s just the way I roll now.

No more pretenses.


Faith that when we act from truth, we find abundance.

Sure, maybe we remain friends and that’s as far as this connection goes.

But what is gained is that I am in congruence with me.

By practicing truth and faith,

we tell ourselves that

we are enough.

Do that over and over and over

and you will attract way more

than you ever would

by hiding.


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