Published by admin on February 17, 2016

Going with Nothing

My sleep pattern has been crazier than you can imagine.

Lately, I go to bed around 5am, and I get up sometime. As I don’t have a regular job, it depends on if there is something I have to do. If not, I get up around 12 or 1pm.

Which is crazy!!!! Because then the day is 1/2 gone, yet I’m just waking up. I am in full gear, ready to go, around 7pm when most people are winding down. And it’s hard to be productive (for me) late at night.

Well, lo and behold, last night I was actually TIRED! At a reasonable hour! Like midnight:30. I slept until waking up at 4:50am. Yes, I woke up about the time I usually go to sleep.

Anyway, after messing around on fb for awhile, I decided to take a walk. I put on sweats and a hoody and my flip-flops, and… I took NOTHING with me.

Ask yourself: when’s the last time you left your house and took nothing: no keys, no cell phone, no wallet?

I hardly ever do it.

And, you know what?

It’s freaking so freeeeeeeing!

There is something about that. Going with nothing. It’s not just physically freeing, but it’s mentally freeing, too.

It was a short walk. 5 minutes or so. But I walked in the dark a bit, past the dog park in our complex and then on a path. I ended up turning around, and I went off-path and just decided that it might feel good to put my feet on the ground. Like the actual ground. The Earth. “Naked.”

Let me tell you, if you haven’t done that in awhile, it can be life-friggin-changin. At first it was cold, but then it was enjoyable; the crunchy, moist humusy forest floor.

I felt my whole being sink down into the Earth, but stable. It was an experience of feeling connected.  Supported. Loved.

I got a message from the Earth today to share with you.

“We got your back.”











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