Published by admin on September 28, 2017

Making Magic at the Bank (of course this story involves a woman)

  Don’t worry… I didn’t rob it. But I did break an old pattern today. Usually, when I cross paths with a beautiful woman, who happens to be a complete stranger, I don’t know what to say. On a good day, I’ll smile and say, “hey,” and then quickly go back to staring at my…

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Published by admin on July 13, 2017

My Evening with Scientology

  My friend, Chris, called me today and told me how he was waiting in line at some actor thing when he got hit up by a guy from Scientology for an evening seminar of sorts for actors. As it was my day off from the sex joint, I thought, hey… why not! Now, before…

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Published by admin on April 29, 2017

*Before Sunset in LA

On recommendation from a film buff I stream Before (not Beyond)┬áSunset. It’s horrible. A little.   Anyway, predicting the sex scene to come (so maybe it gets better) I hit pause and go for a whiz. I decide to hit the 1/2 spliff that I had left on the glass table outside my door. In…

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