Published by admin on January 5, 2016

My Freshly-Sewn Stitches: HEALED

  It wasn’t long ago that I wrote another blog post entitled, My Freshly-Sewn Stitches. You can read it here: It’s about an unrequited love story between myself and a woman that I had met online. I ended the post talking about how getting back in touch with her was akin to reliving the past pain of having…

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Published by admin on November 29, 2015

Damned by the Truth

That feeling of frustration. Being single, yet having a LOT of desires. For physical affection. Intimacy.   Love. Sex. How does one deal with all these desires? Fwb. Fuck buddies. D2F. Hookups. Casual dating. Casual sex. Porn. Chat rooms.  I’ve tried most of the above. They all work, but the remedy is short-lived; the carnal desire always seems to…

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