Published by admin on July 6, 2015

Compersion: The Joy that Keeps on Giving

Some call it the “antidote to jealousy.” It’s a word that has been coined via the poly/non-monogamous world to mean the joy you experience seeing your partner in joy because of another romantic relationship. I’d like to broaden this definitionĀ (while we’re already creating new terms, right?) to mean the joy that you experience when your…

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Published by admin on June 30, 2015

Sex: The Bastard Child of Eros

Sex is cheap. I said it. And, I’ll say it again: Sex. Is. Cheap. We see so many images of the feminine EVERYWHERE. Magazines. Commercials. Holiday parties… And it’s all cheap cheap cheap. Such a cheap imitation. Of what, you ask? Eros. I used to see women walking around in their form-fitting clothing. It led…

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Published by admin on June 29, 2015

When You Smile at the Abyss

You’re 41. Or maybe you’re 31. or 61. or… who cares. I’m 41. And even though I’ve never been in a majorly significant relationship until thisĀ last one, and even though I’ve never been ruled by relationship-ending fears: if I break up with her, will I find anyone better? if I break up with her, will…

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Published by admin on September 1, 2013

Tough Conversations You Won’t Have With Your Partner

I understand why you don’t want to talk about it. I mean, your relationship is going “fine.” It’s been the best relationship you’ve had in a long time–maybe forever. Why rock the boat? But… if you really get quiet, you can hear the echo of doubt lingering deep in the unexplored caverns of your subconscious:…

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