Published by admin on September 19, 2018

Serena Was Wrong

  I’m a huge tennis fan, as some of you already know. Tbh, I mostly follow men’s tennis, but I also keep up with the women’s game. I didn’t watch Serena’s match live, but I did catch most of it after the controversy. Most of the people writing about the incident do NOT understand tennis,…

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Published by admin on July 22, 2018

Why Men Pull a Disappearing Act After Sex

  Many of you have done it. It’s been a while since you’ve “gotten some.” You met the cute guy from the (pick-your-favorite) app. And he has some good text game. Drinks. Suddenly, you’re in his car, making out like you haven’t been touched since last winter. You feel hands everywhere. Before you know it,…

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Published by admin on July 10, 2018

Where in the World is Alex?

  Short answer. Right here.   But I want to explain a bit about why I’ve not been blogging much on here lately. It definitely is┬ánot because I’ve not been writing. I’m happy to report that I have, in fact, been doing heaps of writing! But mostly on my brand new beauty: Bertha. Circa early…

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Published by admin on June 27, 2018

Update: British Columbia, Vancouver, E. Washington, East Bay and 4/4 on Amtrak

Dear Readers & Friends, It has been a long time–too long–so let me make up for it a bit with this post. One of the reasons, but definitely not the only reason, I’ve been M.I.A. is because I’ve been traveling. I went to the Pacific NW, and guess what–without my laptop!!! This was incredibly freeing,…

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Published by admin on February 25, 2018

The Most Difficult of Things

  is not marriage or parenting or learning to sew.   not programming or finals or burying your in-law.   What is most difficult is living.   Living without pretending, that is. And what are we pretending, you ask?   We pretend that our actions and our agendas make any sense   when they make…

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Published by admin on February 22, 2018

Thanks for being my guinea pigs

I forgot what a blog was about. It’s about sharing stuff. “Writing it out,” so we can be more whole. Me. So I can be more whole.   This is totally a space (safe space?) where I can test out new ideas. Hopefully, you all will tell me what you think and add to the…

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Published by admin on August 21, 2017

Awakening America’s Sleeping Giant: Guardians of the Galaxy

Just posted on elephant journal: Come take a look!   Thxoxo, Alex    

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