Published by admin on June 21, 2016

When Writing Fails Me

  I think it’s a sign that I’m not living. Damn. Time to re-create myself. Again.   Get busy living or get busy dying

Published by admin on June 21, 2016

The Crap I Write During Writer’s Block

Urghhhhhhhh. Arrrrfffffffgggggggggggggggeckkkkkkkkk! That’s the pained sensation of my body put into words. No, no, it’s not (just) constipation. I’m sitting at a communal table at Starbucks, trying to comb my inner space to see if there’s anything worth writing today. Now, I’m outside. Now, I’m inside again at a new table. Now, I’m outside again. I don’t avoid the concerned…

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Published by admin on May 21, 2016

The Key to Unleashing Your Creative Soul

I listened to this amazing TED talk yesterday: Your Creative Elusive Genius, by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love). Watch TED Talk. (If you’re busy, just skip to the 10′ mark and give a short listen.) I never considered myself much of a creative person. I don’t draw like my mom; play trumpet like my brother; or make model…

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Published by admin on May 20, 2016

Lying Mirrors

While pissing, I stare into the mirror staring at me. My graying hairs taunt me; a not so subtle hint that my youthful boyishness has left the gates. Liar– I say aloud, smiling defiantly. In truth, the mirror doesn’t lie; our minds do.   The mirror’s but a faithful servant.   Thank you for reading Subscribe for more fun…

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Published by admin on May 17, 2016

Why Women Lie

  Yesterday, I wrote about reasons why men lie. But there is a major difference between how men and women lie. Men lie to women. Women lie to themselves. Men lie for loads of reasons: not wanting to deal with your drama over a no biggie our backs are to the wall and all known escape routes…

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Published by admin on May 16, 2016

Why Men Lie

I recently wrote a post about cheating. I said that my future partner would never cheat on me because our relationship was going to be based on honesty. Blah, blah, blah. Super cheesy. But that was just the beginning of my thoughts on the topic. It’s not that my future partner isn’t going to cheat on me. It’s…

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Published by admin on May 14, 2016

How to Be a Miserable Artist/Creative Person

  1) Beat yourself up constantly for not being more productive. 2) Don’t leave your front door until after sunset. 3) Only eat things that come out of a package. 4) Be convinced that the less productive you are, the more you should sit and sit and sit until something productive happens. 5) Compare your…

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