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“Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.”


We’re all playing Monopoly.


Building before we know why.

Before we know who.

Before we know how.

To be.


What if you’ve never truly had an experience of being before?

Don’t run from the question.

Maybe today is the day for you to try something new on.

A new thought.

I promise you can go back to your old self in two minutes.

Journey with me.









The last line is important.

We wan to be someone, but we started off on the wrong foot. With answers instead of questions.

When you tear it all down, what’s left is you. But not the commercialized version of you, the Insta-you.

The you that has been stripped down of all b.s.

And when you meet you, you’ll know yourself as if for the first time.

And you will smile a beautiful smile.

And you will be radiantly beautiful from the inside-out.

And you know this.

Now take the long, arduous path from knowing it…

to being it.



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