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I of the Storm


Inside me

the earth trembles

in fever


Inside me

ancestors wage bets

on man’s extinction


Inside me

angels wait impatiently

for someone to believe


Inside me

a million dead things



Inside me

the muted screams of girls

barely bleeding

pierce my eardrums


Inside me

an oceanic fury

cause the gods to pause


Inside me

the calm wisdom

of the Cosmos


Inside me

chaos will not be denied


Inside me

history dances

to the beat of war


Inside me


red tongue

feasting on entrails


Inside me


feeble, but alive


Inside me

a whisper—

all is lost


Inside me



Inside me

dark dank dangerous silence


Inside me

infinite eyes

infinite I’s


Inside me

a mirror


Inside me


slowly rising


Inside me

endless mercy

endless forgiveness

endless anguish


Inside me

burning red coals

cooled by a passing stream


Inside me

every pluck of the guitar



Inside me

every life

every sorrow


Inside me

my parents

before they were


Inside me

carefully removing

rusted arrowheads


Inside me

rains fall

diluting my tears


Inside me—



Inside me

a King

a peasant

a princess

a warrior

—and a charlatan


Inside me

tenderness lays hiding

under a blanket


Inside me

5000 years of sadness ask:

is it safe to come out yet?


Inside me

there is no more inside—


Inside me

stillness takes the reigns

and hums a mother’s lullaby


Inside me

an exhale,



as the I of the storm

passes, eye sigh for

a world that






Inspired by Tragic Sense of Life, by Miguel de Unamuno

To learn more about his thoughts on love and suffering,

check out The Unexpected Gift of Suffering

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