Published by admin on January 22, 2019

How I got my “Golden Ticket” to Hamilton

  Here’s a story for you. I have been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for over two years. I probably listened to it every day for almost six months at one point, so to say that I knew the lyrics is an understatement. I AM HAMILTON. Ok, come back to Earth, Alex. I had been…

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Published by admin on January 15, 2019

The Secret Gift of Growing Old

  Growing old— a gift not all of us are afforded.   Our bodies begin to fall apart— a tooth here, a hip joint there.   We are but a car breaking down—in real time—before our own eyes.   The emergency light is on— and there isn’t much we can do but watch it happening….

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Published by admin on January 7, 2019


  My brother feels—then fills—their cheeks. Their foreheads. Their lips. Their earlobes. Almost everything is available for filling.   He does not fill boobs; that’s a differently trained filler.   But it seems as if there’s a filling for almost everything these days— especially time.   Time, it seems, must be filled. Otherwise, you go…

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