Published by admin on May 14, 2016

How to Be a Miserable Artist/Creative Person


1) Beat yourself up constantly for not being more productive.

2) Don’t leave your front door until after sunset.

3) Only eat things that come out of a package.

4) Be convinced that the less productive you are, the more you should sit and sit and sit until something productive happens.

5) Compare your level of productivity with non-practicing-artists.

6) Doubt that you’re really an artist at least thrice daily.

7) Don’t answer your phone (because “friends” will try to take you away from being productive).

8) Isolate yourself from the world.

9) Beat yourself up for sleeping in.

10) Beat yourself up for having any fun (Game of Thrones?) because, well, you don’t deserve to have fun while you’re being unproductive. Duh.

Following these 10 tips will ensure that you remain crabby and miserable, and the people who care about you will do face-palms when leaving your presence.

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