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The 5 Keys to Finding Mr. Extraordinary

I had lunch with a woman today at my place. Err–my brother’s place.

She came over so I could help set-up her blog on WordPress.

I made a nice salad–complete with fennel.

Now, you know I’m out to impress if I spring for fennel.

That’s a luxury item in my budget.


Anyway, we had a nice time. We ate, I made her a latte (extra points) and then helped her with her blog.

I’m definitely attracted to her. She totally fits my “The New Sexy” archetype from my blog about Women Over 40.

Divorced. Exploring. Kind. Re-creating her life.

(Did I mention, sexy?)

Anyway, I was gonna try to sneak a kiss in before she left, but the non-verbals said, you get a hug, mister.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good hug.

But it was a pretty lousy one. She extricated her bod from mine a little too quickly for my hugging pleasure. And let’s be real. That’s what really matters, right?

My pleasure.


I kid.


So, we’re texting and messaging after she gets home, and I bring up the idea of being lovers.

She counters with wanting a boyfriend.

I then ask her, what qualifies as a boyfriend?

She spouts out the usual:

Exclusive sex, official girlfriend status, daily phone calls, texts, dates, open declarations of feelings…

daily phone calls?


I’m troubled.

I like her, but in more of a I-want-to-get-to-know-you-and-your-body kinda way. I mean, I’ve been celibate for awhile now. (Three months?)

Things are getting out of hand.

Then, we start to really talk. She tells me that she wants something with someone that is, well…


(Oh–btw–this is where I tell you that I lied. I hate those the Top 5 Ways to Attract XYZ kind of articles. I have no intention of giving you a list. To me, they are generic and therefore pretty much useless.)

But great click bait.   🙂


Here it is.

You want an extraordinary relationship with Mr. Extraordinary?

I’ll give it to you.

The holy grail–

in one question:


That’s it.

Everything else is bullshit.

If your life isn’t extraordinary, stop the bullshit, will ya?

For the love of the old gods and the new.


Just stop it.

Cuz he ain’t coming.

No time.

No way.


You’re living in imagination land.

And while that shit is a fun ride at Disney World, it’s something that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Women’s version of a unicorn.

I hope I successfully popped your fairy-tale cherry.

If not, keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Real talk.



to be clear…

living an extraordinary life is more of a habit and an intention than a


As long as you are committed to that path–

whatever that means to you–

and taking daily actions to back it up,

you are living an extraordinary life.

As long as you haven’t become so jaded that you confuse what is

with what’s possible, you’re on the right track.

It’s not that the extraordinary life with the man of your dreams isn’t possible; it certainly is.

You can have it.

The fantasy is believing that you can have it

without living it yourself first.


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