Published by admin on March 2, 2016

A Girlfriend on Each Continent

If I could truly have the life that I wanted, this is what I’d create: a girlfriend on each continent.

Obviously, that means I’d live the life of a traveler.

Ok, maybe not Antarctica.

Well, if Antarctica, then I’d probably only see her once every two to three years (which, if she lives in Antartica, might be her preference, anyway).

That leaves substantial time to be in at least six other locales for roughly two months a year.

You think I’m kidding?

In all reality, I would probably have a primary partner, someone with whom I’d spend the majority of the year, but then take holidays in other spots to visit my gf’s.

I already have three potential girlfriends in mind.

(Yes, most of them are already aware and are open to my proposal.)

They cover North America, Asia and Europe.


I guess what I’m saying…

is that I have openings


South America






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