Published by admin on November 29, 2015

Damned by the Truth

That feeling of frustration. Being single, yet having a LOT of desires. For physical affection. Intimacy.   Love. Sex. How does one deal with all these desires? Fwb. Fuck buddies. D2F. Hookups. Casual dating. Casual sex. Porn. Chat rooms.  I’ve tried most of the above. They all work, but the remedy is short-lived; the carnal desire always seems to…

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Published by admin on November 20, 2015

A Field Guide to Leaving the Person You Love

How the fuck do you leave the person you love? I realize that I’m assuming that you may actually want to leave the person that you love. But if you’re in a relationship and struggling that freaking much (you know who you are), then you absolutely should leave. Let’s start by getting all the reasons that you shouldn’t leave out on the…

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Published by admin on November 18, 2015

Staring at a Castle

Sometimes it’s good to change locales. I usually sit in my office, which is sans window; it’s more like a closet than an office. Very white and officy. The furniture is nice–plush even–but not enough to overcome the vapid surroundings. But today I sit in a more spacious venue. A huge window sits to my right…

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Published by admin on November 6, 2015

Failing Faster: Not Your Mama’s Post on Failing

It sounds kinda funny, doesn’t it? Fail? Who wants to fail? But it’s the secret of a truly happy life, in my opinion. So, let’s dissect it. Failing. It sucks. I hate it. And, yet, it’s the key. Now, let’s be clear from the onset: I am not saying that failing is the key. I am…

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Published by admin on November 3, 2015

The Answer is More Crazy, Not Less

I used to try to hide my crazy. Maybe we all do. Who wants to look like an emotional wreck? Who wants to get defensive at a relatively benign comment that is directed your way, or become overly sensitive because someone didn’t respond to you the way that you wanted? Nobody wants to appear these…

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