Published by admin on July 21, 2015

Radical Dishonesty


I remember sitting by the river bank one day…

with a woman.


Not just any woman, mind you.

There was history between this woman and l.

Teenage history–

with a gap the size of adulthood

between our past and

that moment,

on that rock along the river,

sitting peacefully

(on the outside at least).
Finally, I succumbed to the moment.

I leaned in and gave her what I thought she wanted.

I kissed her because I knew that if I did, she would stick around long enough for me to make up my mind.

About us.

I kissed her to keep her in my back pocket–


Feeding her just enough hope

to stay for another day.
Radical dis-honest-y




and me.
Too scared to share my deep-down truth that I could never love her the way she wanted.







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